Mobile Payments

Are you considering a wireless credit card processing solution for your business? Look no further.

BNG Payments offers a simple app called iProcess™ that connects your BNG Payment Gateway account to your mobile phone, tablet, or iPad.

iProcess is a free mobile App that was developed for Apple® IOS and Android smartphones, tablets and devices. iProcess was specifically made with you in mind and allows you to geotag the location of a transaction on your customer’s receipt, making the delivery of transactions a breeze anywhere there is a cellular or WiFi connection.

iProcess Info

iProcess gives you the ability to print or e-mail receipts, depending on your customer’s preference. You can also capture the customer’s digital signature and add a tip to the total transaction, if necessary, allowing for a paper free transaction.

The iProcess™ app also uses point-to-point encrypted card readers to process payments, assuring your customers sensitive information isn’t compromised.

What benefits should you know about iProcess™?


  • iProcess™ is simple, fast, and free.
  • iProcess is application for Apple™ IOS & Android™ devices to process credit card payments, anywhere in the world, over a cellular or WIFI connection.
  • iProcess™ will geotag the location of the sale on the receipt.
  • Captures digital signatures and adds tips to the total amount charged, when applicable.
  • Performs full or partial refunds from the Transaction History Log.
  • Processes keyed or swipe transactions with our Encrypted Swipe Solution.
  • Geolocation tracking at the time of the sale.
  • You can adjust tips depending on the situation.
  • Supports multi-user login and supports multi-merchant.

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