QuickBooks Gateway Integration

Why do double data entry when you don’t have to? With help from BNG’s QuickBooks integrations, you can eliminate the double data entry dilemma. BNG offers two methods of QuickBooks integration with the BNG Payment Gateway, an advanced automatic integration and basic manual method.

Advanced SyncPay QuickBooks Plugin

QuickBooks SyncPay Plugin provides support for payment processing from directly within QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise (Version 2007+). It Also supports syncing transactions that are not directly run inside QuickBooks like transactions run in the virtual terminal, SwIPe Software, Mobile, Online Bill Pay, e-commerce, API ect.

*QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Online are not supported with SyncPay, but we have a QuickBooks POS integration and we support QuickBooks Online integration with ConnectBooster.

Basic Export – Import Integration Method

We have basic alternative to using SyncPay. The BNG Payment Gateway has a simple built in solution for QuickBooks integration, and it allows the user to select a date range of settled transactions and create an exportable .IIF file. This base QuickBooks file of settled transactions can then be imported into QuickBooks.

Step 1: Click “QuickBooks” from the Main Menu under Trans Reports.

Step 2: Enter the date range of settled transactions, and then click “Submit”

Step 3: Enter the Revenue and Deposit Accounts.

Step 4: Click “Export to QuickBooks” to save file.

Step 5: Open QuickBooks and import the saved file.

Using SyncPay to Sync transactions that took place outside of QuickBooks

One of the most powerful features SyncPay has is that it can sync transactions that originate from multiple payment entry points. As long as the transaction is run through the BNG Gateway in an number of ways it can be synced. For example the average service based company may take payments over the phone and enter them into the virtual terminal, they may swipe cards in person on a USB card reader, and have clients pay invoices on their website via our Online Bill Pay solutions. All of these transactions can be synced with the SyncPay Plugin.

SyncPay Flexibility

  • Automatically match transactions by Name or Company in QuickBooks
  • Manually match transactions to Customers and their invoices in QuickBooks
  • Enter transactions directly in QuickBooks
  • Optionally push in received payment batches without linking to Customers
  • Sync transactions from virtual terminal, SwIPe Software, Mobile, Online Bill Pay, e-commerce, API ect.

Using SyncPay directly in QuickBooks

BNG’s Plugin allows merchants to pay invoices, generate sales receipts, process batch transactions, and view batch reports without ever leaving QuickBooks. Additionally, merchants can process multiple payments against open invoices at the touch of a button. The BNG QuickBooks plugin also includes support for end-to-end encrypted card present swiped transactions after attaching a hardware encrypted secure card reader.

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